Lukas Hein on sax! Jazz performer and educator!

Lukas Hein is a jazz saxophonist originally from the Pacific Northwest who now resides in Pensacola, Florida.  Lukas has lived, performed and taught throughout the globe.   He recorded a Bossa Nova album in Rio de Janeiro with the outstanding Brazilian jazz trio Dialeto Brasileiro and taught for several years in the Caribbean at the Saint Lucia School of Music.

Lukas earned a Master's Degree in Modern Music from Western Oregon University and was mentored by Larry Miller and Tom Bergeron (saxophonists and educators from Vancouver Island and Oregon, respectively); Marvin "Doc" Holladay, who played baritone saxophone in the Stan Kenton, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington Big Bands; and Mel Brown, the Portland, Oregon based drummer whose work as a member of the "house band" for Motown records is a testament to his impeccable groove. 

Lukas plays with a distinctive tone  and melodic approach reminiscent of Paul Desmond and Stan Getz.  Through the saxophone, Lukas hopes to convey his gratitude for the beauty of life.

Steve Douglas, bass player extraordinaire!

Steve Douglas began his music career by playing guitar at 8, moved to violin at 9 and then upright bass at 11. After high school he attended Michigan State on music scholarship, played in the MSU Symphony, JAZZ Ensemble, Improvisational Ensemble, for Broadway shows, in jazz trios and played gigs all over Michigan from top to bottom and east to west. After his extensive exploration of Michigan' musical opportunities he moved to California to perform in the Bay Area as a freelance bass player for 27 years.  

Fast forward to Sedona, Arizona, (what a nice rhyme) where he formed a  company, Artists in Rhythm to coordinate, book and manage entertainment for events, festivals, weddings, etc.  He maintained a roster of 450 highly qualified musicians and assembled bands and players for gigs for 16 years. 

Steve created his own groups in Sedona: ZAZU, a Django Reinhardt gypsy swing quintet, Pop Goes Vivaldi, a trio of flute, cello, with Steve on bass and guitar playing radio hits of the 60’s-70’s playing his own arrangements, Sundown Quartet, SoundScape Sedona which included piano and vocals, and HotShots a rocking, party band. 

Steve is a past board member of Jazz in Arizona, a Phoenix based jazz organization that owns and operates a jazz club/educational center called the Nash, named after legendary drummer, Lewis Nash. 

Steve and now resides in Florida where he continues to play all styles on electric/upright bass, guitar.  On the side, Steve remodels and flips homes in the Pensacola/Navarre/Destin area. As of this date, July, 2021, Steve has remodeled and flipped over 18 homes over the past 35 years.  Steve is happily married and excited about playing all genres of music in his  new Florida home.


Mary Chavez, vocalist, composer and pianist!

Mary Chavez hails originally from Seattle, Washington.  She grew up in a musical family.  Her mother was a talented classical and ragtime pianist and her father played saxophone and piano.  Both of her grandparents sang on stage and she was fortunate to be surrounded with a variety of music and musicians from a young age.  Mary studied music in college and began performing in coffee houses, nightclubs, and restaurants at age seventeen.  She went on to obtain degrees in philosophy and law at the University of Washington with a minor in music and continued working as a musician by night while she practiced and taught law by day.  Always a composer she filled a shoebox of compositions by age 13.  She writes jazz, Americana, blues, Latin, Christian, and pop music.  She appreciates all of the wonderful and talented mentors and teachers who continue to influence and help her on her musical journey both past and present.  She is a joyful performer and lifelong student of music.