Hi, I'm Mary Chavez.  I love teaching piano.  As a pianist who grew up playing both classical and jazz by the page and by ear,  I learned early on that playing piano is fun, challenging and rewarding.   I teach my students chords and harmony, rhythm, melodic phrasing, technique, all the basic building blocks of music.   I also strive to help students develop a positive relationship with the piano from the very beginning.  Students learn theory within the framework of songs.  They even learn to create their own arrangements and compositions.  Students learn patterns, structure, and ear training, so that playing becomes more than just repeating  notes on the page.  So many people have the experience of starting lessons and then becoming discouraged and quitting.  I was fortunate to have several teachers among my family and friends; I consequently avoided many of the one size fits all methods of teaching.  I hope that I can help you on your musical journey.   I encourage you to contact me to talk about piano lessons at 509-499-7054.   I offer reasonable rates.  I teach out of Leitz Music Store in Pensacola, Florida. Take care,  Mary