The 2017 video was shot at the Steinway Gallery in Spokane, Washington (thank you again Spokane Steinway for the beautiful hall and piano).  This video features friends Chris Kohut (drums), Kevin Jones (bass), Michael Robinson (guitar) and Saint James Infirmary as well as two of my original songs - New Orleans City Suite and Do You Want to Paint a Rainbow? 

The two tracks Kissed by Nature and No Woman No Cry feature drummer/percussionist Chris Grant and bassist Kevin Jones from my Spokane based band Pink Tango.

The Turquoise Tango Home Video was shot on July 20, 2021 on my Iphone.  The first track is The Nearness of You, followed by Blue Skies and then Bridges (La Travessia).  Steve Douglass on bass and Lukas Hein on sax.  

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